Talanx Share Awards

    2013 2012
    Anticipated allocation
in 2014 for 2013
Final allocation
in 2013 for 2012
Anticipated allocation
  Measurement date 30.12.2013 20.3.2013 30.12.2012
  Value per share award (figures in EUR) 24.65 23.59 21.48
  Total number of share awards 379,076 271,884 279,475
  Number allocated in given year 107,192 162,406 169,997
  Board of Management Talanx AG 1) 41,197 108,716 112,033
  Other Boards of Management 61,329 50,086 54,360
  Other eligible participants 2) 4,666 3,604 3,604
  Personnel expenses 2) (figures in EUR million) 2.5 2.1 1.5
  Dividend payments considered 3) (figures in EUR million) 0.3 0.3
  Total amount of provisions (figures in EUR million) 4.5 2.6 2
  1) For the Management Board members of Talanx AG the number of existing Talanx share awards was adjusted in 2012 due to the capital increase associated with the initial public offering of the company (dilution protection) based on a fair value of EUR 18.30 per share award (issue price of Talanx shares)
2) The personnel expenditure in respect of the share award scheme for the Board of Management is distributed over the term of the share awards or the shorter term of the service contracts. Allocations for other eligible participants are based on a slightly different scheme (primarily different rules upon termination of employment). These were not presented separately on grounds of materiality
3) Distributed dividends and anticipated dividend payments were not considered for the allocation year; the dividend claims are discounted before recognition