Earnings per share

Earnings per share are calculated by dividing the Group profit attributable to the shareholders of Talanx AG by the average number of outstanding shares. Dilutive effects, which have to be recognised separately when calculating earnings per share, were not present either as at the balance sheet date or in the previous year. In the future, earnings per share may be diluted as a result of the issuance of shares or subscription rights from conditional or authorised capital.

    2013 2012 1)
  Net income attributable to shareholders of Talanx AG for calculating earnings per share (figures in EUR million) 762 626
  Weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding (in units) 252,638,402 219,156,421
  Basic earnings per share (figures in EUR) 3.02 2.86
  Diluted earnings per share (figures in EUR) 3.02 2.86
  1) Adjusted on the basis of IAS 8, cf. section “Accounting policies”, subsection “Changes in accounting policies and accounting errors” of the Notes

During the capital increase carried out for the employee share scheme the number of ordinary shares issued rose from 252,625,682 to a total of 252,797,634 registered no-par value shares. The new number of shares is included in the calculation for the weighted average on a pro rata temporis basis. The weighted average of shares does not include 171,952 treasury shares for the period of 26 November 2013 to 5 December 2013. Cf. our remarks under Note 17 “Shareholders’ equity” for further details.

Dividend per share

In the year under review a dividend for the 2012 financial year in the amount of EUR 1.05 per share was paid, resulting in a total distribution of EUR 265 million. On 8 May 2014, it will be proposed to the General Meeting to distribute a dividend for the 2013 financial year in the amount of EUR 1.20 per share, resulting in a total distribution of EUR 303 million. The distribution recommendation is not part of the consolidated financial statements.