(33) Other income/expenses

    2012 2012 1)
  Other income    
  Foreign exchange gains 252 105
  Income from services, rents and commissions 224 194
  Reversals of impairments on receivables 22 18
  Income from contracts recognised in accordance with the deposit accounting method 68 59
  Income from the sale of property, plant and equipment 6 1
  Income from the release of other non-technical provisions 28 41
  Interest income 46 33
  Income from the repurchase of own securities 6 9
  Miscellaneous income 156 135
  Total 808 595
  Other expenses    
  Foreign exchange losses 244 148
  Other interest expenses 157 188
  Depreciation and impairments 122 130
  Expenses for the company as a whole 286 234
  Expenses for personnel 30 45
  Expenses for services and commissions 106 123
  Other taxes 54 45
  Expenses from the measurement of disposal groups 2
  Allocation for restructuring provisions 13 14
  Miscellaneous expenses 203 266
  Total 1,215 1,195
  Other income/expenses –407 –600
  1) Adjusted on the basis of IAS 8, cf. section “Accounting policies”, subsection “Changes in accounting policies and accounting errors” of the Notes

“Other income/expenses” does not in general include personnel expenses of our insurance companies, insofar as these expenses are attributed according to functional units by means of cost object accounting and allocated to investment expenses, claims and claims expenses as well as acquisition costs and administrative expenses. In the same way, this also applies to depreciation/amortisation and impairments of intangible and other assets of our insurance companies.

“Other income/expenses” for the reporting period just ended does not contain any material income from the release of restructuring provisions. Please refer to our explanatory remarks in the Notes, item 25 “Sundry provisions” regarding the allocation for restructuring provisions.

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