General information

Based in Hannover/Germany, Talanx AG heads Germany’s third-largest and Europe’s 11th largest insurance group (based on gross premium income 2012) as a financial and management holding company. It does not, however, itself transact insurance business. The Group, which is active in roughly 150 countries worldwide through cooperation arrangements, offers high-quality insurance services in non-life and life insurance as well as reinsurance and also conducts business in the asset management sector (cf. also section “Segment reporting”).

Talanx AG, whose majority shareholder is HDI Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie V. a. G., Hannover/Germany (HDI V. a. G.), is the parent company for all Group companies belonging to HDI V. a. G. With effect from 2 July 2013, it placed 8.2 million of its shares on the market, meaning that 79.0% of Talanx AG is held by HDI V. a. G. as at the balance sheet date. 14.4% of the shares are in free float with private and institutional investors, 6.5% are held by the Japanese partner of Talanx AG (the insurance company Meiji Yasuda), and 0.1% of the shares are held by employees. As part of an employee stock programme, almost 0.2 million shares were created in the fourth quarter of 2013 during a capital increase and sold to subscribing employees with a vesting period of four years.

Talanx AG is entered in the commercial register of the Hannover County Court under the number HR Hannover B 52546 with an address of “Riethorst 2, 30659 Hannover”. In accordance with §§ 341i et seq. of the German Commercial Code (HGB), HDI V. a. G. is obliged to prepare consolidated annual accounts that include the annual financial statements of Talanx AG and its subsidiaries. The consolidated financial statements are published in the Federal Gazette.