Scope of consolidation

In accordance with IAS 27 and SIC 12 “Consolidation – Special-purpose Entities” the consolidated financial statements include Talanx AG (as the parent company) and all major domestic and foreign Group companies/special purpose entities in which Talanx AG indirectly or directly holds the majority of the voting rights or where it exercises a de facto power of control, or can exercise a controlling influence on operations in some other way.

Only subsidiaries that are of minor importance – both individually and in their entirety – for the assets, financial position and net income of the Group and that do not transact insurance business are exempted from consolidation. The Group assesses whether a subsidiary is of minor importance on the basis of the company’s total assets and net income relative to the corresponding average values for the Group as a whole over the last three years. For this reason 36 (40) subsidiaries, whose business purpose is primarily the rendering of services for insurance companies within the Group, were not consolidated in the reporting year. Altogether, the balance sheet total of these subsidiaries amounts to less than 0.1% of the average balance sheet total of the Group over the last three years; the result of these companies amounts to altogether less than 1% of the average result of the Group over the last three years. In subsequent periods the subsidiaries not included in the scope of consolidation on grounds of materiality are examined on each closing date to verify whether consolidation is required in light of a reassessment of materiality.

    Domestic Foreign Total
  Number of fully consolidated subsidiaries      
  31.12.2012 69 1) 96 2) 165
  Additions 2 9 11
  Disposals 1 7 8
  31.12.2013 70 98 2) 168
  Number of fully consolidated special purpose entities      
  31.12.2012 19 12 31
  thereof investment funds 19 10 29
  Additions 14 3 17
  thereof investment funds 14 3 17
  Disposals 8 2 10
  thereof investment funds 8 2 10
  31.12.2013 25 13 38
  Total of fully consolidated subsidiaries/special purpose entities 95 111 206
  Number of associated companies and joint ventures consolidated using equity method      
  31.12.2012 4 9 3) 13 4)
  Additions 1 1
  31.12.2013 4 10 3) 14 4)
  1) Consists of: 68 (69) individual companies and two (—) companies fully consolidated into one (—) subgroup
2) Consists of: 55 (58) individual companies and 43 (38) companies fully consolidated into four (three) subgroups
3) Consists of five (five) individual companies and five (four) companies consolidated in a subgroup using the equity method
4) Includes a foreign joint venture

All affiliates, joint ventures, associated companies and special purpose entities are specified in the list of shareholdings, including information on the size of shareholders’ equity and profit (see separate section of these Notes).