Business model

The Talanx Group operates as a multi-brand provider in the insurance and financial services sector. We employed 21,529 staff worldwide at the end of 2013. The Group is headed by the Hannover-based financial and management holding company Talanx AG, which has been listed since 2 October 2012. HDI V. a. G., a mutual insurance company that can look back on more than a 100 years of history, is still the majority shareholder in Talanx AG, with a stake of 79.0%. The largest minority shareholder is its strategic partner from Japan, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, with a holding of 6.5%. The free float accounts for the remaining 14.5% of shares (including employee shares, which account for 0.1%).

The Group companies operate the insurance lines and classes specified in the Ordinance Concerning the Reporting by Insurance Undertakings (BerVersV) to the Federal Supervisory Office (BaFin), in some cases in direct written insurance business and in some cases in reinsurance business, focusing on various areas: life insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, motor insurance, aviation insurance (including space insurance), legal protection insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance, water damage insurance, plate glass insurance, windstorm insurance, comprehensive householders insurance, comprehensive homeowners insurance, hail insurance, livestock insurance, engineering insurance, omnium insurance, marine insurance, credit and surety business (reinsurance only), extended coverage for fire and fire loss of profits insurance, business interruption insurance, travel assistance insurance, aviation and space liability insurance, other property insurance, other non-life insurance.

Talanx is represented by its own companies or branches on all continents. Our retail business focuses on Germany, while our principal international markets are the growth regions of Central and Eastern Europe (including Turkey) and Latin America. The Group has business relations with primary insurance and reinsurance customers in around 150 countries in total.

The Talanx Group’s divisions are each responsible for their own business processes. These tasks, which are shared by several organisational units, help to create value in the Group. The core processes in Industrial Lines, for example, are product development, sales and underwriting, including the relevant technical supervision. Core processes in the retail segments include product development, the setting of rates and sales, as well as product management and marketing. Sales, product development and underwriting are also of prime importance in the two reinsurance segments. From the Group’s perspective, the Corporate Operations segment is responsible for asset management, corporate development, risk management, human resources and other services.