Enterprise management

Within the Talanx Group we have set ourselves a number of core tasks, which we want to achieve on a sustained basis: providing reliable support for our clients, maintaining sufficient independent capacities in all market phases, cultivating new markets, and safeguarding and increasing the intrinsic value of the Group for shareholders in the long term. At the same time, ever more demanding requirements are being made of insurance groups by the regulatory environment and by capital markets and rating agencies. We have responded to the underlying situation determined by these internal and external influences by defining the following goals:

  • increase profitability and create value
  • make optimal use of capital
  • optimise the cost of capital
  • invest in areas where we generate the highest risk-adjusted return over the long term
  • seize strategic opportunities and at the same time remain aware of and manage the inherent risks

We pursue these goals with the aid of our holistic, integrated management system, in which we devote special attention to the four fundamental management processes that govern the interplay between the holding company Talanx AG and the various divisions: capital management, performance management, risk management and mergers & acquisitions.