Index inclusion, new placement of shares, and employee share scheme

Talanx shares are listed on the prime standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the Hannover Stock Exchange. Since 12 December 2012 they have been included in the MDAX, Germany’s second-most relevant benchmark index. This makes them interesting to index-oriented investors, and leads to a significantly greater presence in the media and thus in the public eye generally.

On 2 July 2013, Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit (HDI V. a. G.) placed 8.2 million Talanx shares on the market at a price of EUR 23.25 per share. As a result, the free float increased by 3.2 percentage points or, in absolute terms, by around EUR 200 million. HDI V. a. G. stated that by selling the shares they wished to increase Talanx AG’s free float without diluting the holdings of other shareholders. The increased free float is intended in particular to safeguard the position of Talanx shares in the MDAX. Background: Deutsche Börse (German Stock Exchange) uses a company’s position as regards market capitalisation (in the free float) and trading volume to determine which index a company should form part of. Calculations by Deutsche Börse showed that in December 2013 Talanx shares were clearly in the top 50 in the MDAX rankings. The shares ranked 46th for market capitalisation and 39th for trading volume.

In November 2013, Talanx AG increased its capital by using authorised capital to create 171,952 new shares for its first employee share scheme. As a result, the total number of shares increased by just under 0.1% to 252,797,634.

Following the two transactions described above, HDI V. a. G., Talanx AG’s majority shareholder, holds 79.0% of the shares, and Meiji Yasuda, the anchor shareholder, 6.5%. Including employee shares, the free float totals 14.5%.

13Shareholding structure as at 31.12.2013
Chart: Shareholding structure