Capital market communications

For the first twelve months following the IPO, the aim of our investor relations (IR) work was to further increase awareness of Talanx AG and its “equity story” in the capital market. As part of this, we also sought to encourage ever greater numbers of investors to engage in our shares. Shareholders, potential investors and others with an interest in Talanx shares received regular reports on our corporate development.

In 2013, the Talanx AG Board of Management participated in more than ten investor conferences in international financial centres such as New York, London, Frankfurt, Brussels and Munich. They also attended roadshows targeting investors in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Edinburgh, Dublin, Zurich and Copenhagen. In addition, Talanx AG’s IR managers took part in numerous other investor conferences and roadshows in Germany and around the world. In total, we had meetings with over 250 institutional investors in 2013. In addition, we took part in specific events for private shareholders in Berlin and Hannover.

In April 2013, Talanx issued an invitation to its first Capital Markets Day, held in Hannover. The Board of Management introduced Talanx’s business model and its divisions. It was also as a result of this occasion that, for the first time, Talanx published a matrix of medium-term objectives. The event was attended by 35 analysts and investors, was shown live and subsequently as a recording on our IR Internet site. In June, Talanx held a risk management workshop for analysts in London in which it presented material aspects of its risk reports and explained the methodological approach and status of its risk management.

Talanx has announced that a second Capital Markets Day will take place in Warsaw in June 2014 with the key theme “Retail International”.

We are always available to answer enquiries from private investors, either by telephone, email or post. We have also set up an informative IR section on our website at, which we are constantly extending and updating.

Research reports issued by banks and broker houses constitute a valuable source of information for investors and increase transparency. We therefore pay great attention to financial analysts, and are delighted that the number recommending investment in Talanx has grown since the end of 2012 from 12 to 19. At the start of 2014 a further bank began regular reporting on Talanx.