Highlights of 2013

Photo: Display of flags shareholders meeting
<b>2013</b> Decorations at the <br />Annual General Meeting

Talanx’s focus in 2013 was on integrating and consolidating the companies it had acquired in the previous year. Its aim was to reinforce what it had achieved and create a sustainable basis that would equip it for future challenges.

February 2013

Talanx places senior benchmark bond

Talanx places a first-rate unsecured bond with a volume of EUR 750 million. The bond is issued primarily for institutional investors in Germany and abroad. The cash inflow will be used principally to replace existing financing arrangements.

March 2013

New legal form for Hannover Re

Hannover Re completes its conversion into a European public limited-liability company or Societas Europaea (SE) and now operates under the name Hannover Rück SE. The new legal form is a visible expression of the company’s conception of itself as a European group with global activities.

April 2013

Mexican companies merge

Metropolitana Compañia de Seguros S. A. merged with Mexican company HDI Seguros S. A. de C. V. with retroactive effect from 1 January 2013. Talanx acquired 100% of shares in Metropolitana Compañia de Seguros in January 2012, while HDI Seguros Mexico had belonged to the Group since 2009.

June/July 2013

Floods and hail in Europe

Floods and hailstorms cause record damage in the summer. The net burden on the Group from flood damage in Germany and neighbouring countries and hailstorm “Andreas” amounts to around EUR 330 million.

July 2013

Talanx’s investment company changes name

AmpegaGerling has become Ampega. The Talanx Group’s investment company has now also changed its name, following the asset management and real estate management activities.

August 2013

A new look for HDI offices

Bild: HDI-Filiale
<b>NEW LOOK</b><br />Branch in Hannover.

The HDI insurers have turned their branches into an advertisement that is visible throughout Germany with a new branch concept. The aim is to establish a closer connection with customers and provide better all-round advice in branches as well as at customers’ premises.

October 2013

HDI head office receives award for fire protection

The Sprinkler Protected Award from bvfa – Bundesverband Technischer Brandschutz e. V. [Federal Association for Fire Protection Technology] – has gone to HDI-Gerling industrial insurance for the building at HDI-Platz 1 for outstanding fire protection. The sprinkler system installed at the company’s head office in Hannover goes beyond legal guidelines and fulfils the requirements of class 1 systems.

Diversity at the Group

Symbolbild: Vielfalt

Talanx signs up to the Diversity Charter, an initiative to promote diversity in businesses. By doing this, the Group is publicly committing itself to the recognition, inclusion and appreciation of diversity in its corporate culture. Talanx does not merely want to create a working atmosphere that ensures openness and integration, but also to actively and consciously exploit diversity to improve the company’s performance and competitiveness.

PB and TARGO life insurers obtain ratings from ASSEKURATA

Contrary to the market trend, PB life insurance maintained its gross income at the previous year’s level – an important factor in the decision to confirm the previous year’s good “A” rating. ASSEKURATA awarded TARGO Lebensversicherung AG the best rating for security; profit-sharing has also been above the level of the market for years.

November 2013

Hannover Re has own power supply

Bild: Photovoltaik Anlage auf dem Gebäude der Hannover Rück
<b>PHOTOVOLTAIC</b> installation on the Hannover Re building.

Work is beginning on construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the office building. All of the electricity produced will feed into the company’s own power supply and will be used by Hannover Re itself. The company wants to set an example in the achievement of climate protection targets and reduction of CO2. It will also benefit financially, as it will not need to pay any charges, taxes or levies on the electricity generated.

December 2013

Polish life insurers merge

The life insurers WARTA and HDI-Gerling Życie merge at the end of the year, but will continue to sell life insurance under the HDI brand.